Someone, I miss you

Someone, I miss you.

We haven’t been in touch for a long time,

We are no longer involved in each other’s current lives, but maybe you think of me once in a while.

Some people are like this, he passes by your past, leaves your present, but still makes you think of him every tomorrow.

On the night of drinking and singing, the deserted streets are all thinking about you, but I really want to forget you.

Can’t love, Can’t forget, only wish peace every year, never meet again.

I have done a lot of stupid things, and the most common thing is to enter a lot of words I want to say in the dialog box, and then delete them one by one.

Even if I have something on my mind that I want to talk to, it just walks again in my heart, and my emotion is still light, and I can’t afford to make waves.

Life is really like a lonely river. There is no other way but to cross by yourself.

We all want a perfect life, want to have something that we wish for, love has an end, but there has never been anything absolutely perfect in this world, regret is also an experience.

The story told by crying in the past has become the past of drinking with a smile.

Time will slowly heal the scars in your heart, those things and people in the past, we will eventually let go.

May you no longer have to fall asleep over and over again, and have a good sleep every night, and may you continue to smile and move forward bravely with longing.

Well, everything’s gonna be all right.

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