No One Marry Me!

If no one marries me, I will marry myself. A toast to myself. May I be invincible.

I don’t know since when I am afraid of getting married.

Afraid of being alone with the opposite sex, afraid that the boy who flirts with me is just playing with ambiguity, afraid of being pushed to get married by anyone, afraid to deal with married life, afraid of experiencing a low-quality marriage.

Yes, the people around me are getting divorced.

Yes, I saw a couple quarreling so fiercely in the street.

Yes, I see a lot of negative news about betrothal gifts, giving birth, and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

At the age of 23, I meet someone I like.

Get along for some time, I feel tired, forget it, anyway, there will be a long time, there is no hurry, I will always meet the right person, so break up first.

At the age of 25, someone confessed his love to me.

I think I’m idle anyway. Let’s go on a date. He is very kind to me, but I always feel something missing, there is no feeling of palpitations.

At the age of 28, I want to fall in love with the purpose of marriage.

I thought it was enough to love him as long as I tried, but he was so busy that he forgot to marry me.

I am not reconciled, ah, so love, why I did not get it in the end.

Probably, I can’t see the happily married people around me. I can’t see the hugs of long-distance lovers meeting at the station, how warm it is in their heart. I can’t see how sweet it is for a boy to go home with his beloved girl with an umbrella on a rainy day. To be exact, marriage fears me.

I’m too old to wait. I want to marry anyone.

Marriage, even if I am willing to make do with it, I don’t accept that I will never meet the right person in my life.

At least find someone I don’t hate, get in touch with him for a while, at least there’s nothing wrong with him, or at least you’re not in a bad state with him. Don’t ignore a detail I hate just because I like one of his conditions.

That way, at least I have a lifetime to fall in love with him.

Life is hard, I have to add my sugar.

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