It’s Just Right, So We Are in Love.

It’s just right, so I’m in love.

I have always thought that if you really like someone, even for a moment, you will be moved, maybe she is too shy to look you in the eye for the first time, maybe she got up in the morning and made you breakfast, maybe she sent you an umbrella when it was raining cats and dogs, maybe she made faces to amuse you when you were unhappy.

The best thing in love is to remember each other’s heartbeat moment, you are willing to stay up late to accompany her to chase her favorite play, she is willing to accompany you to play enough boring games;

Buy food yourself and prepare a candlelit dinner for her; for example, secretly buy a bag she has loved for a long time; for example, book a hostel to enjoy nature with her at the weekend; or just do some small things in life, including taking on housework. Take soft clothes during a quarrel to amuse her.

Because when you learn how to spoil a girl with your heart, you will get the same love.

You learn to coax her when she is angry, she will endure your bad temper when you are unhappy; you learn to send an “I LOVE U” on Valentine’s Day, she will send your favorite sneakers on your birthday; you learn to accompany her when she needs it. She will quietly cook a bowl of noodles for you when you are busy.

She brings you an unprecedented heartbeat, with the same heartbeat as orange soda in summer, making people blush and heartbeat, because of heartbeat and love, so seriously consider the future of two people, seriously put each other’s needs into the list of life.

I once read such a sentence on the Internet: I hope you don’t fall in love because you want to fall in love, not because the other person is too kind to you, not because you feel indebted to you, not because others are in love, not because this person is suitable for you, but because you meet the right person, and you happen to be right, so you fall in love.

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