In the end, we were unable to be together.

In the end, we were unable to be together.
Have you ever been in a relationship like this?
Sweet, warm, that kind of love keeps us together to live a lifetime.
Just like some people, destined to meet, destined to fall in love, but also doomed to separate.

The biggest regret in life is that we have experienced so much that we have not been able to be with the person who we like in the end.

In fact, over the years, I have seen a lot of break-up couples, watching them from love to separation, and then to gradually strange, until there is no chance to step into each other’s life.
Sometimes we can’t help thinking about sentimental love, finally, it always comes with regret.

But I always believe that each of us is arranged, and the right person will eventually return to the original place, travel thousands of miles to come to you, and take care of you for a lifetime.
I think of a saying: some people can fall in love after knowing each other for a day, some people dare not express their love after knowing each other for several years, some people have been together for many years but have not been able to make it to the end, and some people will continue to live forever.

Life is so wonderful, meeting the wrong person to do everything seems to be wrong, meeting the right person is all right.
So, if you miss a loved one, you might as well let go of the past and cherish the people around you.

As I once said, if I fall in love, I must have a relationship that does not break up. We both believe that each other is the best destination and firmly believe that no matter what difficulties we encounter, we will not be separated.
Finally, may we all be able to meet the right person at the right time and never be separated for the rest of our lives.

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