If You Don’t Marry Me, You Won’t Marry Anyone Else

If you don’t marry me, you won’t marry anyone else.

After so long, I still remember the meal you bought for me, the medicine you sent me, the note you wrote.

I also remember your laughter when you were happy and your indifference when you curled your lips.

It seems that the time in college has never gone far, and I can still pretend to be stupid around you as if nothing has happened, greedy and the time I spend with you.


I loved you and thought about the future, and you also said you would give me a grand wedding, but unfortunately, we broke up halfway.

I have been afraid to inquire about you, and I have never started a relationship again. I thought about what I wanted to be a better future, but it was meaningless without you in the future.

How much I want to meet you later, I polished the edges and corners, put away the sharp, but also see through the cool world, but also know how to love and be loved, then meet you again, how good it will be.

If we meet too early, we are not destined to be together until we grow old.

Do you know how painful it is to break up after falling in love for many years?

Yes, some songs have to be changed in this life, and some cities do not want to pass by all their lives, so they are reluctant to change their mobile phones and have to change the input method, but have they finished changing the password?

The inertia of some habits is far more than you can imagine, you know, you have smiled, the muscles on your face have memories.

He said, all my life, you only marry me.

He said, I kept it a secret from everyone, and I still love you.

He also said, for you, I can die alone.

But he only didn’t say, will you marry me?

Do you think it’s strange? Two people fall in love, year after year, are they too busy to sit down and talk about marriage? Like to make an appointment for the wedding date, work hard, if not like each other, it is easy to get together and break up, there is no need to procrastinate all the time, emotional things are most afraid of exhaustion, one is planning the future, the other is planning to break up.

Most of the things that crush your feelings are trivial things, and time just believes them to fan the flame. You could have prevented a separation.

I looked at the wedding scene in front of me, just as we imagined it, and you once asked me, “What would you do if I didn’t marry you in the end?”

I smiled and leaned in your arms, “then I’ll screw up this wedding. If you don’t marry me, you won’t marry anyone.”


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