10 Moving Moments That Stir Up Tons of Emotions

10 Moving Moments That Stir Up Tons of Emotions

1.The last scene of the 《Titanic》: the crew asks Rose’s name, and she looks at the Statue of Liberty in a trance,: I’m Dawson.. Rose Dawson.

The happiest thing for a woman is to take your last name and take my first name

2. Many years later, Tom was very old, the owner no longer liked him, and the new cat in the family always bullied him.

When the cats threw Tom’s food out the door again, Tom dragged his no longer nimble leg for a long way before picking up the dusty cheese.

He heaved a sigh of relief and carefully placed the cheese at the door of the cobweb-covered rat hole in the corner of the wall amid the cat’s mocking laughter.

3. In 《Fast and Furious》, O’Connor told Mia: the best decision of my life is to go into your store and buy a sandwich.

4. There is such a story: when a couple broke up at the airport, the woman said to the man, “Don’t wait for me. We won’t have a result, just like the airport will never wait for a train, and we will never meet again.”

After a few years, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport was connected with the railway station, and the chief engineer of this project was the man. As long as there was love, there was a way, and anyone could be kind to a person endlessly, but only if it was “worth it”!

5. That year, when he was sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend, a girl came up to him and asked, “Did you come on a blind date through the introduction of your aunt?”

He looked up at her, just the type he liked, wondering why not make a mistake, so he hurriedly agreed: yes, please have a seat.

On his wedding day, he confessed that he was not on a blind date at that time.

The wife smiled and said, “I’m not going on a blind date, I’m just looking for an excuse to talk to you.”

6. In the experimental class, high achiever was surrounded by a group of experimental idiot girls. Low achiever was dangling around with a red PH test paper. High achiever said, “Why?”

“Do you know what this means?”

“Saliva is acidic?”

“No.” “PH test paper turns red when it is sour?”

“No.” “What the fuck are you trying to say?”

Low achiever looked at high achiever very carefully and said, “It explains, I’m jealous now.”

7. After the breakup, the lover met again a few years later, and he asked her, “how are you?”

She said: very good.

He asked again: what about him?

“It’s good, too,” she said.

She asked him, “How are you?”

He said: very good.

She asked again: what about her?

She just told me she was fine, he said.

8. The reporter interviewed passers-by and asked some questions about their tacit understanding. When the last time they kissed, the girl was obviously shy and nervous, tilting her head and still thinking about the date. The boy rubbed her head, bowed his head, and kissed it down. Then he hugged his confused girlfriend in his arms and said to the camera, “just now.”

9. She received a call from him, whom she had liked for seven years, and he said to her, “Let’s be together.”

Although she heard the sneaking laughter of others on the other end of the phone, she said calmly, “good.”

Then she asked, “Did the Great Adventure lose again?”

“I chose the truth,” he said. ”

10. Woman: “Will you come if I get married?”

Man: “will you go if I hijack the marriage?”




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