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Unique MUJI Style House Decor Details You Will Love

It was renovated in 2016- 2017, and now writes down the whole details of the house. It has been separated for three years. It’s not the reason for procrastination, but extremely compelling perfectionism. I always feel that this is not very good, that’s almost worse. The process of turning the house into a 100% ideal type cost times. Sudden epiphany recently, this is what life is like, it is not difficult to accept it while improving and accepting it.

Decor Style Area Budget Location Year
MUJI Style 111m² US $50,000 China 2016-2017

About House Type

The unit is square, surrounded by open-air balconies in the east, south, and north directions. The entrance is to the west. The entrance is the home garden. 95% of the units are satisfied. The original intention of the developer’s building book is to southward two bedrooms, northward study, kitchen, and bathroom. After determining the specific needs, the northward study room was converted into a dining room, and integrated into a kitchen. The original restaurant’s location was changed to a utility room. So far this has been considered a smart choice.

This image is the developer’s house layout.

This image is the changed house design layout.

About Decor Style

2015 and 2016 are the more prevalent years of Nordic + MUJI. I really like the MUJI style. I originally planned to use MUJI as the mainline and occasionally implanted little Nordic elements into it. Every adjustment from the soft furnishings of the house to the time of check-in will basically ignore the limitation of style, and choose your favorite in the current stage of aesthetic ability, and the aesthetic really needs the ability to continuously improve, it should not be exhausted.

Some time ago when I heard a lecture from a famous people, I said that sometimes it is not necessary to be too academic to think about style, this home is “hate you” is right. Seeing your home is like seeing you. The so-called home is like you. I feel deeply that I feel that my current home is “hate us”. Although it sometimes looks messy, sometimes gloomy, and often feels bland, it has always been gentle and peaceful inside.

About Regret

Everyone said that there will be regrets in the decoration, and I deeply appreciate it. Although in the decoration process, he studied every aspect and details with a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, but gradually found some regrets after moving in. For example, at the time, I did n’t understand the importance of lighting to the atmosphere. The whole house lighting was not designed professionally, so I could n’t rely on lighting to add points to the effect. Conservative and traditional, although I have thought about the integration of food and cooking, next time I may have the food and cooking integrated.

About Comfort

It is said to be gentle and smooth because of its comfort. Whether it is moving line design, space planning, functional design, or home artifacts that have been started after check-in, it is very convenient. This is due to the in-depth understanding of living habits and needs at the beginning of design and decoration. Home is my favorite space. Every corner is my heart, and going home is my first wish every time I go out. Maybe it’s less beautiful than I imagined, but it’s as beautiful and warm as ever.


Sharing some little decor details and living tips.


On the right-hand side of the door, there was an entrance cabinet on the right-hand side, and there was a bathroom on the left-hand side, and a fitting mirror was installed at the same time. Blue Rabbit Paper is an original brand puzzle back from Taiwan. The name is “Rabbit who doesn’t want to go to work.”

Although the developer’s fire door was replaced during the renovation, the new security door still did not escape the jujube red and the tedious lines, which did not match the style of the room, so it was affixed with a feeling. After a lapse of one and a half years, there is no rise and fall phenomenon, and it is quite durable. Basically, it is not necessary to do sanitary cleaning. Occasionally, Dyson rolls on, which is definitely a dirt-resistant model.

The decorative painting is a combination of four paintings from a painting paper bought from Daiso when traveling in Japan. A suitable size picture frame was directly mounted. The felt door is customized with cement characters and hexagonal felt. It is a model of JAY sushi bought at JAY’s Fujiwara Tofu shop. The emblems of good friends when they make urban design exhibitions are also stored here, as well as tram tickets to Japan. Gadgets to bring back when traveling around. When it is idle, it will be replaced with other small things.

The entrance cabinet is designed according to your needs. It takes a little patience to determine the size of each small area. Consider the height of the shoes, the height of the storage box, etc. to consider the spacing of the partitions in the cabinet, or you can ask the merchant to drill rows and adjust them later according to the needs of users.
The upper and lower cabinets store shoes and bags, leaving four open positions for shoes that are frequently changed, and at the same time leaving space to sit and change shoes, so there is no need to configure a separate shoe stool.
The central space is convenient for stray items such as keys and small change, and it also has a light strip. At the beginning of the design, a socket was left. It was originally intended to charge the Mavericks battery. Later, the wireless doorbell was installed just fine.
There are only four hooks left in the coat or coat, and space is a bit small. The storage of the “second clean clothes” is not enough. I put the storage of the second clean clothes in the utility room behind the entrance cabinet.
The entrance cabinet can be described as quite practical. The handles and hooks are purchased separately from Taobao.

The adhesive-backed iron block can store the key, and next to it is the wireless doorbell.

2.Living Room

A year ago, the appearance of the living room was partially adjusted in the middle. At present, the working table of the old house was moved by the sofa, and the carpet was moved to the balcony. There has never been a large coffee table, and the 99 yuan IKEA small corner table is enough for daily use.

The table was the workbench I used to make handmade soap before moving. Now it’s a desk. The doors and windows of the east-facing balcony were not removed, and many friends said that removing them would make space appear larger. Because there is an urban interchange not far north of the house, in order to prevent noise and obtain better insulation, I made a reservation.
The south and north sliding doors were not removed, and they did play a role in sound insulation. Many neighbors reported that noise pollution and low indoor temperature in winter did not appear in my home.
Although all three balconies have increased floor heating when the temperature is low in winter, the balcony temperature at night is at least 4-5 degrees lower than the indoor temperature, and an additional layer of the screen effect is very good.
Designed according to personal needs, in my opinion, comfort comes first.

Behind the partition is the master bedroom and the second bedroom, the area that has the most daily toss. After transforming the south balcony into my studio for still-life shooting, all the tables, chairs and benches have been moved out. The outdoor tables and chairs have been moved in and temporarily placed in this corner.

The pole frame is combined into a TV cabinet, which has relatively strong storage capacity and is also a practical type. The neglected place is that the electrical wiring was forgotten to be buried, which is a hard injury. There was a long period of time when the entanglement of electrical wiring could not be relieved. Later, to cure obsessive-compulsive disorder was to read “123 people’s home” one day. A Japanese family has a strong sense of life. It is both well-organized and very receptive to the original life. Those homes are not 100% uniform, even if the threads are exposed or even a little chaotic, and even if the books are cluttered, the pictures are still regular. It touched me and stopped to think about it, it should be the joy brought by the fireworks of life.



The developer’s book was originally a small northbound study. Considering that we do n’t have so many bedrooms or study rooms, and I do n’t particularly like the kitchen to be a closed area, I have made a kitchen and an integrated kitchen. It is also an open kitchen, but it is separated from other areas such as the living room. Don’t worry about oil fume.
In actual use, the oil fume is almost perfected by the range hood, so I may open the wall between the kitchen and the living room in the following house.
I had a headache. Cooking in summer was too painful, so I installed an air conditioner.

The design of the kitchen is very satisfactory. At the beginning of the design, the middle bar was considered to be a high bar or a high bar from the aspect of value. However, when you think about ordinary baking, making Chinese noodles, and making handmade soap, you need a large operating table. So it’s flush with the cooktop. I usually have three meals a day, and I will solve it here. It is very convenient to turn to the table after cooking. When family and friends are not helping the kitchen, they can also sit opposite to chat and accompany.

Wall shelves, snack cabinets, and sideboards were added after check-in. Passionate about the kitchen, there are many small appliances, and the demand for kitchen storage is great. However, the U-shaped kitchen became an L-shaped one, and the storage cabinet on the side of the operating table was lost.
After checking in, I often stared at the kitchen to see where I could add cabinets. Custom-made hanging cabinets in the corner, and recently the idea of ​​doing a hanging cabinet on the load beam above the operating table has also been coming out.

There are many small appliances, and there are also many sockets reserved in the kitchen. A certain number of sockets with switches are installed, and sockets with USB are installed in the sitting position. Regardless of whether the console is handmade or eaten, IPAD’s company is indispensable, and USB charging is very convenient. In addition, USB sockets are also installed near the living room sofa, living and leisure balcony, both sides of the master bedroom bedside, and the guest bedroom bedside.
Zojirushi’s hot water bottle is super easy to use. There is no need to drink a thousand boiled water, and the insulation function can be set to different temperatures. Drinking water is significantly more. The bear’s blender and cooking machine are also often placed on the countertop. There is an electric eggbeater behind the hot water bottle, which is available when baking or hand-made.
All the commonly used tools or seasonings are in front of you. Everyone has different living habits. Some people like to have nothing on the countertop. I prefer to place it on the countertop. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Do not let it go on the side of the refrigerator. Magnet racks, spice boxes, and other food bags, disposable gloves, lotions, kitchen towels, timers, heat-insulated gloves, etc.
Electric baking pans and water-proof cookers are also very frequently used kitchen appliances. Before we weeding Bruno, we now rely on the electric baking pan to do something other than cooking. The inner chassis can be removed for cleaning.

There are more 4 sockets left, and a row of 5 sockets above the sideboard is also very serious. Kitchen outlets should be left out, but attention should also be paid to optimization.

When the existing cabinet is not enough for storage, you have to turn to a mobile cart. Bought spices or cereals are bottled and labeled.

The gap must also be used. Although precise dimensions can avoid this gap in the design of the cabinet, in fact, it will be conservative and reserved a little bit when drawing out, which is easy to start in the construction project. After entering the refrigerator, I found that there was a gap of about 10 cm in this position.

A slot car with a width of 10 cm is placed on one side of the refrigerator, and a large panel for pastry is placed on the other side. This single-slot and pull-out faucet are affordable, and they have been ok for two years.

It should be noted that the distance between the dishwasher and the sink is closer, and it will be more convenient to use, which is a small detail of the kitchen line design. Regarding the dishwasher’s impracticality and uncleanness, it still needs to start from the use method and concept. With a dishwasher, it doesn’t mean that the bowls on the dining table can be cleaned and run into the cabinet. 1 Pack the chopsticks in the dishwasher and 2 take them out of the dishwasher and store them. These two steps still have to be done manually.
The pretreatment of the tableware will affect how clean it can be washed. My approach is to clean up all food residues before putting the pots and pans into the dishwasher, without installing a garbage processor and placing a drain filter on the drain. Do not allow food residue, heavy oil, etc. to enter the dishwasher.
This can not only clean the dishes very well but also reduce the stains in the dishwasher, so as to reduce the workload of cleaning the filter of the dishwasher.
Do n’t expect how thoroughly the dishwasher can wash the dried rice grains and eggs. The labor force liberated by the dishwasher is cleaning and washing, and the hot and bright feeling of taking out is obtained.

8 sets of Siemens dishwashers are built-in.

Another display rubber plate on the dining table, watching Jiang Laodao throughout the gourmet wall, I have been thinking about installing a whole rubber plate on the only white wall of the kitchen, as a display wall.

4. Bedroom

XGIMI laser projection should not be too easy to use, it has been inseparable every night recently.

The wall lamp is refitted after check-in, with a plug to connect the socket, which makes up for the regret of not making a wall lamp chandelier at the bedside.

Occasionally, the bedside wall surface will be tossed a bit, and it will be removed for a few days. The map of the Daikanyama Ayaya Bookstore can also be used as a decorative painting. The Yufan was purchased at a small home grocery store on the streets of Tokyo.

Muji small bookshelf under the bed.

5. Study Room

Study and guest bedrooms are areas where vacancies are usually high and rarely work or study here. Since my stay, I have only received one friend’s stay. There may be some mistakes in the “people setting” of this space. If you change to the current thinking, you may leave it blank.

I really love the wooden shutters, especially on sunny days, the beauty of light and shadow is beyond words.

Dogs need a sunny place to sleep.

The table board and the whole house are customized to ensure complete consistency. The table legs were purchased on Taobao. When contacting the seller, the frame of the table legs was hand-painted. Because the 1.8-meter-long particleboard has been worried about deformation for a long time, a horizontal bar is added in the middle of the table legs. Stall, give the plank more support.

6. Bathroom

The long and thin bathroom, the ready-made space has not been greatly changed, and the wet and dry separation has been made. I initially envisioned washing machines and dryers on the balcony, and I thought about minimizing water pipes across the house and squeezed into the bathroom.

The benefits of the clothes dryer I am everywhere, no less than a hundred times. The northern city has three balconies and still uses a clothes dryer without regrets. The habit of wearing the same clothes repeatedly over a period of time. The first time I bought a clothes dryer was to continuously wear clean clothes and to dry the sheets and covers.
After use, I found that every time I took out hot, warm and soft clothes, happiness was bursting. A lot of fluff and hair will accumulate in the filter box soon.

The bathroom cabinet and mirror cabinet are customized, the price is much cheaper than the finished product, and can be customized according to the actual size. The disadvantage is that it is cumbersome. Businesses usually make bathroom cabinets. If there is a washing machine next to it, they will make a countertop for the washing machine by the way, and then map out according to inertia. Later, I learned that the clothes dryer is stacked on the washing machine. We only removed it when we modified the plan. The countertop ignores the thickness of the cabinet.
The bathroom cabinet can be made thinner, it will not be so full visually, and the front of the toilet will be more spacious. Later, I found that there are great benefits. The storage space in the cabinet has become larger. It contains not only a large filter cartridge for household use, a small kitchen treasure, but also N bottles of washing products, and even small pots.

The mirror cabinet was as wide as the bathroom cabinet at first, and after I moved in, I asked the business to extend it. There is a socket, and the lower part is not convenient for the back panel. I have always felt that the exposed tiles are a bit out of sync. I want to optimize it when I find a suitable tile sticker. Contrary to the large cabinet, the mirror cabinet feels thin again.

At the beginning of the hard installation, the KVK pull-out faucet was set down.

High-pressure water guns must be recommended, one in the dry area and one in the wet area. Hot and cold faucets are installed in the shower room to bathe the dog, wash the mop, and rinse the shower room. It is an artifact. The water pressure is huge, and the stains can be washed away without even having to scrub.

When renovating hydropower, just keep the hot and cold water outlets.

The water gun next to the toilet is cold and used to flush stains. Sometimes the leftovers with large soup oil will pour the toilet, and the oil stains will inevitably stick to the toilet wall. At this time, use a water gun in the wet area to wash it with hot water.

A mop and a small brush are stored behind the door, and other dry cleaning tools are stored on the hole board in the utility room.

When I handed over the small back basket, I replaced the developer’s cast-iron back basket, bought a copper-aluminum composite reinstallation, and did not change it to floor heating. The small back basket is equivalent to an electric towel rack in the heating season, but it is more compared after the heating is stopped. Chicken ribs. It’s perfect if you have electric heaters.

7. Storage Room

The utility room uses an L-shaped Aigert + hole board + hanger setting, which plays a very, very important role in the whole house.

Just look after the installation of Eggert.

It looks full now. The storage process has also been repeated several times. The first few times have been organized, and it will be messy after a while. The reasons are analyzed because the organization will forget where the things are placed, the searching process will be messy, and the classification is not clear. Forget Which box holds what, with new things, it’s easy to find empty and stuff it in, and it will be confused here after a long time.
The last time was quite thorough. After doing a wave of break-off, we carried out a careful classification and coded each box. Then a file was created in the computer to record in detail what and how much each box was filled with. how many.
After looking for something later, you will first go to the computer to search for keywords, and then use them to put them back. For consumables, the document is updated from time to time. So come down and find no longer chaos.

The cleaning tools all are on the hole board houses.

The location to solve the sub-clean clothes is put in the utility room.

8. Balcony

The south-facing balcony connected to the bedroom is a living and leisure balcony. This is what it was a year ago. It has recently been a bit messy with props and equipment.

The balcony connected to the living room is the work area, and behind it are the fitness bars and the residence of the little turtle.

The north-facing balcony is full of “materials” here, and it has been completely used as a small warehouse. Usually, tobacco, wine, sugar, tea, and rice noodle oil do not have to be stocked deliberately. Fortunately, the north-facing temperature is low and the area is small. So the food storehouse is just right.

I hope you will like these unique MUJI style house decor details and get some ideas to decor your house.

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