Delicious Strawberry Dessert Roll
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How to Make Cold and Delicious Strawberry Dessert Rolls

These strawberry dessert rolls look taste.

But how to make this cold and delicious strawberry dessert roll?

Please follow our tutorial below:

Cake Ingredient

Egg                                                   4
Milk                                                  40g
Salad Oil                                          40g
Low Gluten Flour                           40g
Lemon Juice                                    A few drops
Granulated sugar                            40g

Strawberry Mousse

Whipped Cream                              300g
Gelatin                                               5g
Caster Sugar                                     20g
Strawberry Powder                         A little
Strawberry                                        A few

Glutinous Rice Peel

Glutinous Rice Flour                       85g
Corn Starch                                       25g
Milk                                                    150g
Granulated Sugar                            25g
Butter                                                 10g
Cooked Glutinous Rice Flour        A little

Practice Steps:

1. Make the cake part, separate the egg yolk protein, freeze the protein part for later use, add 10 grams of fine sugar to the egg yolk and stir well.

2. Take another container, pour in milk and salad oil and beat until emulsified.

3. Sieved low gluten flour and twitched until the batter was free of particles.

4. Add a little lemon juice to the egg white, add fine granulated sugar in three portions and pass to a large hook. Take 1/3 of the egg white in the egg yolk paste and mix well.

5. Pour into a baking pan, shake out the bubbles, and bake in a preheated 150 ° C oven for about 25 ~ 30 minutes. After baking, remove from the mold and cool and cut into cubes for later use.

6. Ready to make the strawberry mousse.

7. Gelatine slices are softened in cold water and heated in 50 grams of the whipped cream until melted. Add the remaining whipped cream with granulated sugar and strawberry powder stir to 80% ferment.

8. Pour in 50 grams of whipped cream containing gelatine and continue slowly to thicken.

9. Cover the cake with strawberries and pour the mousse solution into the cake. Refrigerate until set.

10. Ready for glutinous rice peel.

11. Glutinous rice flour and corn starch are mixed and sieved. Add fine sugar and milk and stir well. Add a few drops of pigment.

12. After mixing well, sieve into a container and cover with plastic wrap. Boil and steam for 20 minutes.

13. After taking out, add butter and knead evenly. After cooling, sprinkle a little cooked glutinous rice flour and roll into a square shape.

14. Cut the mold cake into two parts, wrap the cake with glutinous rice peel, wrap it in plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator to freeze and set.



1. In this tutorial, baking pan for cakes is 11-inch square (there is no suitable size, only about 1/4 of the finished product is used), and mousse rings size is 6-inch square for the mousse.

2. Put the glutinous rice flour in the pot and heat it over low heat, and stir-fry into slightly yellow to become the cooked glutinous rice flour.

I hope you guys like this tutorial for strawberry dessert rolls and have a try. : )


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