40+ Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves

Although the scarf is one of the must-have accessories in our wardrobe, when it comes to it, the first thing that comes to our mind for many of us is the stewardess and the props that mothers use when taking photos. Do you have that? Actually, the silk scarf is really too versatile, a suit of clothes, with different ways of tying the scarf, that feeling is completely different. Especially in Spring, a silk scarf is very necessary.

First of all, the street photos of European and American stars wearing silk scarves are really very common. Go out and buy a cup of coffee to enrich the simple shape with silk scarves.

Kaia Gerber

Gigi Hadid

Chinese actress Zhou Dongyu used a bright yellow printed silk scarf with a bright blue patent leather trench coat, contrasting colors to make her look brighter.

Chinese actress Song Qian wears a silk scarf skillfully in her waist, this ornament brings out her young and attitude.

When attending an event, if the neck feels empty, it is not necessary to wear jewelry, a silk scarf is just as beautiful.

Alexa Chung has worn a similar look before, with a black lace dress and black scarf, which is just right for the sexy.

It also feels good to a gentler version, like Naza’s same print silk scarf and dress.

Draping in the shoulder casually also can build a kind of recreational optional feeling.

On the runway, the show was even more whimsical. Check out this past spring/summer 2019 fashion week.In Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry 19 spring/summer collection, silk scarves are used as belts, shirts, and overlapped with knits and coats.

Tom Ford’s 2019 Spring/Summer collection, he uses a monochrome silk scarf as a headscarf.

And Tory Burch, who is good at printing, in a series of 2019 Spring/Summer collection, there are also many scarves.



So, with so many good-looking scarves, how to choose and wear good-looking to fit yourself?

There are many kinds of nice scarves.

Long silk scarves

Because long silk scarves are long enough, suit to make the style that gives frankness, romance especially, and it is very popular in recent years.

Small square scarves

Small square scarves can create the style that restores ancient ways grace and girl feeling, tie on the neck to be able to highlight shoulder neckline.

To tie scarves in the hair is nifty and French girl feeling.

Big square scarves

And 50cm-80cm or so of big square scarves can make more knot styles, for example, sailor knot, cowboy knot, we can change a lot of styles, and can make adjustments according to different dress styles.

If you are creative enough, big scarves can really appear on the body as a clothing item, such as Caroline.



Some details you should pay attention to when wearing scarves.

Pay attention to color matching

For silk scarves to match well, color matching is too important. Like a large-area bright-colored dress, the area of the printed scarf must not be large, and small embellishments can be used.

It is relatively better to choose the color of the clothes as much as possible on the scarf.

Learn to fold a silk scarf

If you want a silk scarf to have more styles, I suggest you learn more different folding methods. It easily looks “messy”, if unable to fold the scarves, And most silk scarves must not only be ironed carefully but also be carefully arranged when worn, otherwise, it is difficult to be nice refined.

How to match scarves

Tie on Neck

The basic daddy knot silk scarf method (simple and casual scarf knot), with a simple T-shirt and casual dress, very easy to copy.

In autumn, a gentle-colored knit suit with a finishing touch scarf is a very temperamental look.

Not only simple clothes but also scarves can make some clothes that look too “neutral and boring” fun, such as supermodel Zhou Shujing, wear the color scarves a  tie style.

Not only polo shirts, neutral suits but also colored silk scarves, become elegant and intellectual, women in the workplace can have a try.

Of course, in addition to fixing the silk scarf with knots and draping, it is better to “wrap a different way” and wrap the knot behind the neck. Let the scarf look like a chocker from the front, and turn around to have different scenery.

Not fun enough? The twist scarf is more fun.

Tie a scarf to clothes

As said before that Styling on the show floor is generally more “exaggerated”, more and more designers incorporate silk scarves as elements.

For example, Dries Van Noten’s scarf dress, the brightly colored scarf extends from the front of the matching suit, not only continues the current asymmetric design but also provides a new dressing idea.

Marine Serre’s early autumn 2018 show, this set of silk scarf shapes is also impressive. This method of wearing can also be tried in real life.

Fashion stylist Elisa Nalin wore an asymmetric skirt and tied a corner of the skirt scarf to the bracelet, which brought a sense of fluidity between walks.

Good body proportions, a scarf belt is enough.

A silk scarf instead of belt

There is another way to use silk scarves as clothing decoration: Today, there is no belt with clothes.

Consider looking for a silk scarf, it can cut out the waistline, shape the proportion, and it is also pretty.

Loose dresses without waistlines? Even more so. Just tie a knot at your waist, and the waistline will immediately stand out.

Victoria Beckham, who can wear it very much, uses a scarf to make a belt, with her favorite wide-leg trousers, and the visual increase is 10cm.

When wearing a suit, she tied the scarf to the buttonhole to distinguish the waistline, instead of all tied to the waist. This was less formal and restrained, and more casual, more suitable for a suit.


For Accessories? You still need a silk scarf.

In addition to clothing, scarves can add details to accessories. Many girls know how to tie a silk scarf to the handle of a bag for decoration, and you can have a “new bag” in no time.

It is not limited to handbags. In fact, you can also combine double chain bags like Gucci Bacchus and LV twist with scarves into “twist braids”, which look good and don’t run away.

Or simply replace the strap with your favorite silk scarf.

Not only bags but also a beautiful silk scarf can add color to shoes. In 2015, Dior tied silk scarves to shoes.

The recent Off-White, shoes and scarves are combined.

You can also be more casual, tie the scarf directly to your wrist, wear it alone or stack the bracelet.

There is also a “scarf earrings” from Marine Serre. It looks also amazing.

You can also take out your little square scarf and tie it with big earrings.

Easy to retro? Silk scarf tied hair
In fact, here is another use of silk scarves, which is easy for girls to ignore, is to use silk scarves to “tie hair”.

At the moment when the retro style is flourishing, the headscarf Rihanna, which seems to have a sense of age, has also tried, in addition to retro, it is also avant-garde.

Feel free to reduce the area of the cladding to make it more style.

The process of changing scarves into hair bands has been around for a long time, but this common way of matching has become individual, and sometimes it may rely on a “knot”.

In addition to making a hairband, you can also knit a silk scarf into the ends of the hair for fun, or tie it to your hair for decoration.

To sum up, of course, there are other ways to tie the silk scarf, as long as you use your imagination, your matching ideas will be fashionable too.

I hope you guys will like this article for your ideas of matching scarves. : )

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