How to Make a Simulated Silk Lily Flower

Little tutorial to make a simulated silk lily flower. 

Main Materials:

flower rod,  small wires, lily leaves, silkscreen, green tape, elastic thread, lily core

Tools Required:

pliers, scissors, sleeves

Production Steps:

  1. The materials we need are: flower rod, lily leaves, lily core, green tape, silkscreen, small iron wires, tools: pliers, scissors, sleeve

2. Use sleeve to make 6 wire loops

3. Put the silkscreen on wire loops, cut off the excess silkscreen

4. Make the remaining 5 petals

5. Make the flower rod a hook and insert it into the lily core from the bottom

6. Tie 3 petals at the bottom of the flower core

7. Wrap the remaining 3 petals around the joint of the 2 petals evenly

8. Wrap the green tape around the bottom

9. Insert lily leaves under the petals, now a beautiful emulated lily flower is completed.

10. Follow the last steps to make several lilies and then arrange together into a bottle.

a simulated silk lily flower

It’s very easy to make it. I hope you guys like this tutorial.


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