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Step by Step to Do A Pretty Freckles Makeup Tutorial

When you are still worried about how to remove freckles, freckle makeup is quietly popular in the fashion circle.

Don’t rush to deny this strange and peculiar aesthetic. Its fashion comes from its uniqueness.

Here we share an easy step by step tutorial to do a pretty freckles makeup for trendy you.

Step 1. Skin Care

Apply water lotion on the face and sunscreen in sequence, adjust skin condition to the best, not dry or oily.

Step 2. Base Makeup

Cover dark circles with concealer pen or ointment, and small blemishes on the face,

Apply foundation to adjust even skin tone, creates a radiant, flawless base makeup.

Step 3. Draw Eyebrows

We can’t draw eyebrows very flat, there must be an eyebrow peak and a rise.

Choose an eyebrow pencil to draw a tall eyebrow shape, fill your brows with a lighter powder.

Step 4. Skinflash

In the eye sockets, both sides of the nose, and the face,

Shade and smooth,

It must be enough.

Highlight the nose, eyes and brow bones,

The same cannot be overstated.

Step 5. Eye Makeup

Earth color eyeshadow, first use a lighter color base, then use darker eye shadow to deepen the contour.

Then apply eyeliner, use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelash curler, apply mascara.

Step 6. Apply Blush

Use makeup brush on the cheek,

Gently sweep the earth’s color blush.

Step 7. Make Freckles

Use an eyebrow pencil to spot freckles on the blush just painted,

The intensity is determined by yourself.

Use your fingertips to gently scrub the freckles,

It seems more natural.

Step 8. Apply Lipstick

Choose low light lipstick to apply,

Bean paste, dirty orange, and other colors are available.

Step 9. Final Result

Finally, gently sweep with a makeup brush, or compact powder is afraid of applying makeup powder.

The entire makeup is finished.


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