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Small Tips to Decor Your Nail Salon Shop

Nail salon shops are often small in size, so how to make reasonable use of space to make it beautiful and reasonable in space layout? It has become a problem for many nail shop owners. An exquisite and comfortable nail shop can give people a warm feeling while also making the business more prosperous. So what are the main points when designing a nail shop? Let’s take a look together!

1.  Nail Area

If you look at the name of the nail art area, you will know that this is the most important area of the nail shop. When decorating, you must match the entire style of the nail shop. It’s better to place the mirror in a position to highlight the practicality, and the table and chair as bright as possible.

2. Nail Shop Display Area

The display area should reflect the professional standard of this nail shop, and it should be neat and clean, so as to give guests a very good impression. In addition, some of the latest nail styles or recent popular nail styles can be hung on the wall.

3. Waiting Area

Make sure the waiting area is comfortable, even if you have a limited space to work with, you have to make sure your customers have comfortable seating as they wait. In addition to the seating, it’s a good idea to get a coffee table with an attractive centerpiece and provide some entertainment for your clients. Booklets and catalogs are a good idea, as are current fashion magazines.

3. Decoration Colors

The color tone of the nail shop is recommended to be warm, which can make the guests feel warm and comfortable. In addition, the nail holder of the nail products also has a hand rest, etc. Try to choose elegant black or porcelain white, so that guests can feel the professionalism of the salon.

4. Shop Style

The decoration style is also very important, and the style of the nail salon should be elegant, fresh and warm. In this way, customers will be particularly relaxed when they come to the nail salon, and their desire to spend will increase.

5. Lights

In fact, the lighting effect also plays a very important role in shop decoration, and the lighting can create a different atmosphere. The lighting in the nail shop should be softer, and it will leave a good impression on the guests. And many shop owners have observed the choice of decoration lights, but many of them may ignore it.

6. Be Tidy

The nail shop must be tidy. Otherwise, even it’s beautifully decorated or fashionable, if the shop is very messy, customers will be discouraged.

I hope this article can bring some inspiration to the people who plan to open a nail salon shop. : )

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