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Easy Tips to Maintain Nails at Home

How to easily maintain nails at home? If we are busy with work and don’t have time to go to the nail salon.

Healthy nails need our diligent maintenance. The home maintenance procedure can be divided into two major steps: cleaning and moisturizing.


You can mix shampoo, glycerin (or olive oil) into warm water, and soak your hand/foot nails for about 15-20 minutes. If you usually engage in painting, cooking, flower making, etc., you have to soak for a longer time to achieve complete cleansing. After soaking hands/feet, wipe carefully your nails and nail edges with toilet paper.

Home Maintain Nails cleaning


You can massage your fingers/toes with olive oil, vaseline, or a regular moisturizer to keep your nails moist and shiny. After that, you can also apply a layer of nail polish to increase the strength of your nails and prevent them from breaking. In addition, applying sunscreen cream to your nails is also a good idea to prevent sunburn.

Maintain Nails at Home

In Addition

As our nails are made of keratin. As long as we follow a balanced diet, nails can also look healthy.

Therefore, you can choose to eat more beans, green vegetables, fish oil-containing foods, because these foods are rich in vitamins A, C, and E, which can promote the healthy growth of nails.

Maintain Nails at Home

Notes on nail gel removal

For girls who have been wearing crystal/phototherapy nails for a long time, the most annoying thing is to see their nails yellow, tarnished, or even sunken after removing the nails (in fact, simply applying nail polish will cause yellowing of the nails) It is inevitable.

There are two solutions: first, shorten the time to retain nail polish, so that nails can quickly and frequently recover their vitality; second, after removing nail polish, apply petroleum jelly every day for repair and maintenance, continue to rub nails for several days, you can successfully make the ugly macula disappear.

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