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    30+ Trendy Jelly Nails Ideas You’ll Love to Try

    It is said that the hand is the second face of the woman, and the woman’s pursuit of beauty has not been weakened, so the care for her second face is also very high. To make your hands more beautiful, you need to decorate your hands with nail art. Today we will share with you nails that are suitable for summer, and we recommend your ideas of trendy jelly-colored nails. A delicate manicure, even if you don’t wear any jewelry on your hand, just take it out and enjoy it quietly and alone, it feels like beautiful scenery. Beautiful nails will bring you a good mood. Here below we sourced…

  • 48 Sets Creative Nail Shop Design and Decorating Ideas

    48 Sets Creative Nail Shop Design and Decorating Ideas

    Beauty can be said to be a girl’s nature. No girl doesn’t want to dress beautifully, wear fashionable clothes, have nice hairstyles, have a proper figure, and have beautiful nails. The nail art design is a topic that never fades in the girls. Where did you make your nails today? What color nail polish do you use? Your pattern looks so good! Then there was a boom in opening nail shops. So, are you bothering to design and decor your nail shop? There are many different designs you can choose from. Choosing the right colors, furniture, and decorative items can be attractive to the girls and create a good feeling…

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    Small Tips to Decor Your Nail Salon Shop

    Nail salon shops are often small in size, so how to make reasonable use of space to make it beautiful and reasonable in space layout? It has become a problem for many nail shop owners. An exquisite and comfortable nail shop can give people a warm feeling while also making the business more prosperous. So what are the main points when designing a nail shop? Let’s take a look together!