Good day start from sandwich

A Good Day Starts from Sandwichs

An easy way to make sandwichs starts a good day.

An energy-packed breakfast of carbs, vitamins, and protein can be made in 10 minutes.


Toast: Two pieces
Egg: One(Boiled sliced)
Tomato: One(Cut the middle

two pieces)

Cucumber: Half(Cut into two slices)
Lettuce: Four pieces leaves
Pork Luncheon Meat: Two pieces
Salad: According to personal preference to add
Black Pepper:  According to personal preference to add
Tomato Ketchup:  According to personal preference to add


1. Prepare all ingredients

2. Prepare all spices

3.Fry the pork

4. Put the toast in the toaster and set it in 2

5. Cover the table with clingfilm, and coat the toast with salad sauce and ketchup

6. Add 2 lettuce leaves

7. Egg

8. Two slices of tomatoes

9. Two pieces of pork luncheon meat

10. Two slices of cucumber

11. Sprinkle some black pepper

12. Top with two lettuce leaves and top with another slice of toast

13. Wrap the toast in plastic wrap (make sure it’s tight or it’ll come apart)

14. Cut it in half

15. Wrap the paper and enjoy the sandwich

Good day start from sandwich

Small Tips:

1. Ingredients can be added as you like, such as avocado, chicken breast, carrots, ham, cabbage, etc.

2. Pork luncheon meat can be eaten fresher without frying.

3. Make sure to drain the fruits and vegetables after washing.

4. Those who don’t like salad can use ketchup, peanut butter, any other kinds of jam.