• 23 Simple and Amazing Nail Ideas for 2020 Spring
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    23 Simple and Amazing Nail Ideas for 2020 Spring

    Girls are liking cherry, peach, and white magnolia blooming one after another in the Spring. Why not take advantage of Spring starts from nails? The styles and pictures of the nail shop will never keep up with the trends in your mind, so look at the patterns and colors that are daily and match this season! Meet your friends and drink afternoon tea for beautiful nails!

  • Maintain Nails at Home 5
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    Easy Tips to Maintain Nails at Home

    How to easily maintain nails at home? If we are busy with work and don’t have time to go to the nail salon. Healthy nails need our diligent maintenance. The home maintenance procedure can be divided into two major steps: cleaning and moisturizing.

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    Small Tips to Decor Your Nail Salon Shop

    Nail salon shops are often small in size, so how to make reasonable use of space to make it beautiful and reasonable in space layout? It has become a problem for many nail shop owners. An exquisite and comfortable nail shop can give people a warm feeling while also making the business more prosperous. So what are the main points when designing a nail shop? Let’s take a look together!

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    20 Unique and Perfect Rainbow Nails Ideas

    Dark clouds move away, what we need is a rainbow. In winter, most of the time we are nesting in the house and avoiding the cold wind. Therefore, if we stay at home for a long time, we always feel bad. Well, not only eat less, but it’s very depressing. At this time, we should come up with something fresh to refresh yourself. Not only can we wear bright clothes, but we can also “dress” our nails!

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    Simple Tools for Self Made Nails at Home

    Throughout the year, when the nails are just a little longer, there is an urge to do nails. Making good-looking and high-quality nails can cost a big meal, and many times just make a few days, you accidentally rub the nails for some defects. It’s also possible that after a few days there will be no freshness. In your free time, you will mess up your nails.