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    10 Moving Moments That Stir Up Tons of Emotions

    10 Moving Moments That Stir Up Tons of Emotions 1.The last scene of the 《Titanic》: the crew asks Rose’s name, and she looks at the Statue of Liberty in a trance,: I’m Dawson.. Rose Dawson. The happiest thing for a woman is to take your last name and take my first name 2. Many years later, Tom was very old, the owner no longer liked him, and the new cat in the family always bullied him. When the cats threw Tom’s food out the door again, Tom dragged his no longer nimble leg for a long way before picking up the dusty cheese. He heaved a sigh of relief and…

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    If You Don’t Marry Me, You Won’t Marry Anyone Else

    If you don’t marry me, you won’t marry anyone else. After so long, I still remember the meal you bought for me, the medicine you sent me, the note you wrote. I also remember your laughter when you were happy and your indifference when you curled your lips. It seems that the time in college has never gone far, and I can still pretend to be stupid around you as if nothing has happened, greedy and the time I spend with you.

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    Someone, I miss you

    Someone, I miss you. We haven’t been in touch for a long time, We are no longer involved in each other’s current lives, but maybe you think of me once in a while. Some people are like this, he passes by your past, leaves your present, but still makes you think of him every tomorrow. On the night of drinking and singing, the deserted streets are all thinking about you, but I really want to forget you. Can’t love, Can’t forget, only wish peace every year, never meet again. I have done a lot of stupid things, and the most common thing is to enter a lot of words I…

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    It’s Just Right, So We Are in Love.

    It’s just right, so I’m in love. I have always thought that if you really like someone, even for a moment, you will be moved, maybe she is too shy to look you in the eye for the first time, maybe she got up in the morning and made you breakfast, maybe she sent you an umbrella when it was raining cats and dogs, maybe she made faces to amuse you when you were unhappy. The best thing in love is to remember each other’s heartbeat moment, you are willing to stay up late to accompany her to chase her favorite play, she is willing to accompany you to play…

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    Freckle Makeup Make You A Special and Trendy Girl

    Today we are talking about freckles again. When you are still worried about how to remove freckles, freckle makeup is quietly trendy in the fashion circle, Don’t rush to deny this strange and peculiar aesthetic, Its fashion comes from its uniqueness. Freckles are usually a symbol of fair skin, Only light-skinned European and American girls are more prone to spots. Face with spots, they do not remove, Instead, these small flaws are left, Accept the imperfect itself, It is frank freedom with a girlish atmosphere. Compared to covering a thick concealed face, Faces with some freckles appear more content, As a result, they are favored by the blockbuster movies, Become…